Musician for special occasions

Live music plays an important role in creating the perfect event. Be it for a wedding, birthday party, concert or any other event. Let me entertain the guests at your wedding/ function or let me present a concert for your fund-raiser.

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Learn to play with our professional, guided courses. Our syllabus contains text, sheet music, sound snippets and an assortment of videos to help you learn quickly and efficiently.



“Paul, Baie dankie dat ons weer van jou wonderlike talent kon geniet! Kan jy nie maar ‘n bietjie nader kom woon nie?.”

– Blyde Steenberg

Soos gewoonlik was jou fluitspel gedurende die samesang vir my so besonders dat ek eintlik ophou sing het om te konsentreer op die fluit. Die hoogtepunt (Van de Hervormingsfees) was die ensemble se uitvoering waar jy soos n ervare ou meester die groep gelei het. Jou talent is werklik merkwaardig veral omdat jy dit oenskynlik so gemaklik hanteer.

-Chris en Stefinie Jacobs



I started playing recorder at age 6. I progressed very well and at age 10 I started playing the flute. I took instruction at the music centre of “Staatepresident C.R. Swart” high school and at Pretoria Technicon. I received flute tuition from Chippy Yutar and John Hinch.

Music instruments have always fascinated me and I learned to play the pan flute, harmonica and the concertina while at school. I build my first pan flute in 1980 and still build panflutes.

I studied music at the University of Pretoria. The flute and classical guitar were my main instruments.

In 1987 I won the third place in a “Boeremusiek” competition, playing harmonica, with 2 concertina players in the first two places.

During my military service, I played concertina in the Infantry School’s dance orchestra and coached the unit’s choir. The band and the choir performed regularly in the Oudtshoorn area and was very popular with the public.

I continued to study part-time while I worked as a teacher. I completed the B.Mus (Ed)(Hons); M.Mus & D.Mus degrees with the University of Pretoria. My doctoral thesis, with title “South African unit standards for sight-singing, realized in a multiple-media training programme”, I completed in 2004, under the guidance of Professor Heinrich van der Mescht, Professor Caroline van Niekerk & Doctor Johan Freissen. (Link to Thesis)

In 1997 I did a Teachers’ Licentiate in flute with UNISA, under the guidance of Mrs. Cecelia Yutar. I attended masters classes in the flute with William Bennet (England), Shigenori Kudo (Japan) & Trevor Wye (USA). During these classes I gained valuable insight about playing the flute, interpretation of music and public performances.

I am a member of the Traditional Boeremusiek Club and have at numerous occasions been invited to perform during Boeremusiek functions. In 2006 I was an adudicator of the National boereorkes competition, hosted by the “Boeremusiekgilde van Suid Afrika”, with the concertina-master, Manie Bodenstein as fellow-adudicator.

In 2003 I toured on concert with the Belgian singer, Heintje Simons as part of his band. An internationally acclaimed musician that tours the world has very high expectations of his musicians, but Hein was very impressed with this group.

Currently (from 2018) I am the conductor of Alberton’s male choir  and helping out as conductor of Alberton’s ladies’ choir.

I often perform at concerts, weddings & other functions as a flutist, pan flutist and accordionist. I also assist as a stand-in organist for church services and funerals


Fife / Flute 90%
Panflute 90%
Harmonica 90%
Accordian 80%
Concertina 70%
Classic Guitar 70%
Organ 70%
Piano 60%
Panflute Design & Manufacture 90%
Music Reworking 80%
Music Notation on PC (Sibelius) 90%
Backtrack Creation 80%
Recordings 70%
Choir / Individual Coaching 90%
Choir Direction 80%
Writing of Educational Music Programs / Textbooks 90%
I believe that I am the best panflutist in South Africa and I would like to invite anyone to challenge me if they feel that they could best me.