The choice of music for the wedding ceremony, the socialising afterwards and at wedding reception, determines the atmosphere of the event

There are several essential moments during the formal ceremony where music can play an important role. I can play music the bridal couple chooses for each of the different events of the wedding ceremony. Here are some suggestions for pieces of music which are popular choices.

It is important that the bridal couple choose music which will enhance their unique wedding.

Music before the wedding ceremony:


The guests enter the chapel, greet others and take their seats. The music helps to create a feeling of anticipation and joy. A couple of favourite pieces of music are:

  • Serenade (Haydn)
  • Le Rejoissance (Handel)
  • Air on the G string (Bach)
  • Bach/ Guonod: Ave Maria
  • Jesu, joy of man’s desiring (Bach)


Entrance of the bride

This is the moment everyone is waiting for.  The doors open, music starts playing, all the guests rise and the bride enters.  The music is festive, to announce the bride. Many pieces of music can be suitable for this moment, but most often bridal couples choose well-known music, such as:

  • The wedding march (Mendelssohn),
  • Bridal chorus (Wagner),
  • Entrance of the queen of Sheba (Handel),
  • Haleluia chorus (Handel),
  • Trumpet voluntary (Clarke).

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Guests singing

Often the guests sing one or two hymns as part of the wedding sermon. My advice for choosing the hymns is that you should choose well-known hymns that all the guests will PaulOrganknow. The two most popular hymns for weddings are:

  • Amazing grace,
  • How great Thou art

The flute  / pan flute playing with a keyboard instrument sounds beautiful to accompany singing. I can also accompany the singing on a keyboard instrument or, for a light sound, on the flute.

Exchanging rings

Everyone’s attention is focused on the bridal couple. The music contributes to make this one of the most beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony. Religious-, classical- or lighter music can be appropriate, e.g.

  • Ave Maria (Bach/ Gounod) or (Shubert)
  • Schon Rosmarin (Kreisler)
  • Love changes everything (Lloyd-Weber)
  • Plasir d’ amour (Martini)
  •  Amazing grace
  • How great thou art
  • Alleluia (Mozart)

Signing the register

The guests often remain seated while the bridal couple and witnesses sign the marriage register. The atmosphere is relaxed and the guests can enjoy the music.

  • Dance of the blessed spirits (Gluck)
  • Humoresque (Dvorak)
  • Minuet (Boccherini)
  • Any dream wil do (Lloyd-Weber)
  • Rondo a’la Turca (Mozart)

Guests leave the chapel

Die guests leave to welcome the bridal couple outside. The bridal couple poses for some photos in the chapel, while the guests wait in anticipation. Festive music sounds:

  • Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)
  • Le Rejoissance (Handel)
  • Haleluja- chorus (Handel)

Bridal couple leaves the chapel

The guests welcome the newly-weds as the leave the chapel. Playing the same music as when the bride entered, warns the guests to expect the bridal couple. 

Guests wait for the bridal couple

I often play on the accordion, moving around, while the guests enjoy some refreshments and socialize, waiting for the bridal couple to take the wedding photos. The accordion music creates a very relaxed atmosphere, with the sound of a European street cafe. For a different, effect, I play with the flute or pan flute, along with or without  a backtrack.

  • La Vie en Rose (Piaf)
  • O sole mio (Di Capua)
  • Schneewalzer (Koschat)
  • Tulips from Amsterdam (Neumann)

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Music at the reception

Live music while the guests are waiting for the bridal couple to arrive at the reception venue, between the formalities and during the meal creates a wonderful atmosphere. I play a variety of instruments and musical styles, according to the bridal couple’s preferences.

Paul Potgieter Flutes

Come and have a chat

You are welcome to meet me and discuss the possibilities of music for your wedding. This is the best way to decide on the musician and the music for such a special occasion.