Stephanus Pan Flutes are hand-made instruments which produce a beautiful tone and are easy to play. They are built from natural materials whichare echo-friendly and renewable

  • Accurately tuned at concert pitch (A=440 hz)
  • Tuned in C major (On request tuned in other keys)
  • Modern style (Longest pipes on left side)
  • Mouth pieces shaped to allow flutist to play sharps and flats, with the appropriate technique.
  • INCLUDED: “Learn to play the pan flute” a self-explaining tutor book. This tutor book enables the pan flute student and more advanced players to improve their playing, using many well-known tunes and fun-exercises.

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Maestro Pan flute

R 3 500

Range: 3,5 octaves From C0 to G4

26 pipes

Ideal for: Professional performer and serious student

Stephanus Tenoor Panfluit

Video:  Va Pensiero

Concert Pan Flute

R 1 750

Range: 25 octaves: from G1 to D3

19 pipes

Ideal for: Performer or serious student

Konsert panfluit

Video: Lichtensteiner polka

Descant pan flute

R 1 200

Range: 2 octaves (C1 – C3)

15 pipes

Ideal for Casual player or panflute student

Sopraan panfluit

Video: Plasir d’ amor

Junior pan flute

R 650

Range: 1,5 octaves (C1 – G2)

12 pipes

Ideal for casual player or beginner

Junior panfluit

Octave pan flute

R 400

Range: 1 octave (C1- C2)

8 pipes

Ideal for: beginner or younger player

Video: Muss i denn